do they call them “house warming parties” because there are so many people there that the body heat actually heats up the once empty house?

Last day of finals tomorrow and all I can think about it how much I would give to be able to hide in a cave like my Betta and forget the world.

After 5 hours in the library studying for finals I think WoW time is the only reward I acceptable at this point. 

neat little figures found at Five Below!

oh my frustration just hit the roof

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Ice cream, WoW game time, comfy pajamas, bucket to cry into. Ah yes. I am ready for finals week.



Video Game Logic.  More at source.

These are great

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my well-balanced meals consist of 4.5 serving sizes of pineapple chunks straight out of the can and chocolate milk. i am not ashamed.


Yoshi Sculpture

Inspired by “Yoshi - Maxed Out" from Dan LuVisi

Created by Ale Buz 


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